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The V15 is a rugged, lightweight jib. Though it accepts camera weights in excess of 18Kg (40lbs). It was designed for the weight conscious videographer. The basic unit weighs only 8.2Kg (18lbs) and has a reach of 170cm (67") fully extended. It assembles and breaks down in seconds to a compact case (94cm (37") long.

There is no other video boom like it!

V15 Features

Modular interlocking design.
- Easy setup, no screws or little pieces to assemble.
- Male/female parts provide tight tolerance for the most secure fit.

100mm bowl arm for camera levelling detachable for easy storage.

Mountable to a standard video tripod - 75mm (3") and 100mm (4"). An ultra-smooth pan base features a locking facility.

Central lock for quick set up and stability for fixed height shots.

Adjustable counterweight system ensures a stable camera platform and quickly adjusts for different camera weights and positions (Weights not included).

Note: Counterweights not included
        V15 takes normal Fitness Counterweights
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