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This lens adapter allows you to mount lenses fitted with a Canon Eos bayonet, in combination with the Fujifilm GFX 50 and 100 series camera body.

The CA-GFX adapter can be used to set the aperture of those lenses that have only motorised aperture. The internal battery is rechargeable. The used focal length and the current aperture are displayed on a OLED screen on the adapter plate.

The practical use of lenses may be limited to those that have enough image circle coverage for the 33x44mm sensor. These include the Canon T/S lenses.

note: Canon lens not included.
The CA-GFX includes an internal battery, which can be charged with the micro-USB connector.

The CA-GFX comes with a (rechargeable) Powerbank that allows -when fully loaded- for 2 recharges of the internal battery.

Operates electronically the aperture of (almost) all Canon EF lenses with motorised aperture.
Automatically recognises and indicates full aperture range and indicates actual focal length, also with zoom lenses.

total height
90 mm
120 mm
250 gram

Note: there is no direct electronical connection between camera body and lens on this adapter, no auto focus and no lens exif data is transfered.
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