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ACTUS-XL-35 View Camera

The Cambo ACTUS-XL is a new view camera system, evolved from the ACTUS and ULTIMA series.
Where the Actus Mini excels in being the lightest and smallest camera platform, the ACTUS-XL system is a fusion of both the Actus and Ultima camera platforms, maintaining full camera movements.
Modular is the keyword. The Actus-XL accepts all Actus lens plates and lens adapters, sharing the same mount. On the rear standard you find an easy exchangeable frame holder for either a digital back or a DSLR/Mirrorless camera body.
Both front and rear standard have lateral movements, vertical adjustments, swings as well as tilts, all for optimised control over perspective and selective sharpness.

With the use of full view camera movements the photographer will be able to be more versatile, be more creative and will be getting more professional results much faster than before.

The default 300mm monorail is suitable for short, medium and long focal length lenses. A separate focus slider and fine focussing racks make it not only quick but very easy and precise to focus.
The compatibilty with the Actus Mini platform allows the use of a variety of lens adaptors in combination with several camera bodies. These system bodies are mounted with their bayonets to the upright holder, which can rotate between landscape and portrait position within a second. This can be done without having to remove the camera body or bellows.

Cambo ACTUS-XL-35 shown with Nikon body (not included) and Cambo Actar-24 lens (not included).

A basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-XL-35 consists of a 300 mm monorail, front assembly without lensplate, a rear frame for an optional camera bayonet and a 250mm long bellows.

Expand the usability of your camera system
• View camera movement for selective sharpness
• Rear Shift movement to stitch wider angle images
• Focal plane shifts to increase file size
• Rotation Landscape/portrait built-in
• Built-in macro extension
• Use of various lens designs
• Interchangeable bellows options

Enhance your creativity with the Cambo ACTUS-XL-35
• Use tilts and swings to place exact sharpness where needed
• Create selective optical unsharpness
• Use more of the image circle of your lenses
• Stitch your images without changing the lens position
• Focus closer and enlarge your subject without extension rings
• Experiment with other system lenses and medium format lenses

Experience the possibilities of the Cambo ACTUS-XL-35
• Front and Rear standards offer geared tilt / swing both on-axis
• Lensplates are quickly interchangeable
• Quick slide focus adjustment rail
• Fine focus adjustment with precision gearing on both standards
• Shift movements vertical/horizontal in the focal plane
• Zero clicks on all movements
• Image centred rotation from landscape to portrait
• Exchangeable bayonets for Sony E-Mount, Nikon F, Canon EOS, Fuji X-series, Micro 4/3, Olympus OMD, Leica-M, Pentax-K, Canon-M, Olympus-OMD
Cambo ACTUS-XL-35 Specifications
Size L / W / H:
31 x 14,5 x 31,5 cm
4800 grams
+20/-20 degrees both front and rear
+20/-20 degrees both front and rear
Shift Vertical:
40mm (20/20) both front and rear
Shift Horizontal:
50mm (25/25) both front and rear
Max. Extension (lensplate to sensor):
up to 185mm (Sony E-mount)  

up to 205mm (Nikon F-mount)

up to 201mm (Canon EOS-mount)
Monorail Extension Options:         +150mm, +250mm, +420mm

Lens plates options:
Copal 0, Copal 1

M39 Leica thread

Hasselblad C Bayonet

Mamiya 645 Pro bayonet (non-DF)

Mamiya RZ/RB bayonet

Pentax-645 bayonet

Leica R Bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)

Nikon-F Bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)

Canon-EOS bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)
Available Colours:
Black anodised


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