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This adapter will host a digital back with a PhaseOne IQ series interface.
It is required for PhaseOne backs from the IQ3 and IQ4 series, but is also backwards compatible for all previous digital backs with PhaseOne/Mamiya DF/XF interfaces

The digital back needs to be triggered externally,
no internal contacts available.
This SLW-83 in adapted to host the PhaseOne IQ3 and IQ4 series digital back with 10 pins connection.

However, this interface plate is also backwards compatible with older digital backs compatible with the PhaseOne XF / DF camera or MamiyaLeaf AfD camera.
SLW-83 fits to:

  • WRS-1000 / 1050
  • WRS-1200 / 1250
  • WRS-1600
  • WRS-5000 / 5005
  • WRC-400
  • WRS-600
  • WRS-AE Editions
  • ACTUS-DB / DB2
  • ACTUS-G /AC-987/989
  • DPB-23 /45
  • DPSB-45
  • CSLB-23 /69 /45
  • CMSLB-23 /69 /45

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