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This Kit comprises the WRC-400 camera body, the new WRS-HVSA lenspanel adpating Hasselblad 500-series lenses, the SLW-80 interface for the CFV II 50 and compatible, as well as a wooden handgrip.

  • The WRC-400 Camera body has 20mm shift, in either vertical or horizontal position, depending on the orientation. Handgrip, tripod mount and SLW-adpter can be mounted in any position as wished.

  • The WRS-HVSA lensplate allows you to mount lenses from the Hasselblad-500 series, in combination with the WRS series camera and adds extra functionality for the lens' leaf shutter to be activated and released.

The aperture of the lenses can be set manually, the shutter can be cocked manually and released with the supplied cable release.
The practical use of lenses may be limited to those that have enough image circle coverage for the used digital back when using shifts.

The availability of Hasselblad lenses of the 500 series goes back a long time and this also gives you the opportunity to use particular old style legacy lenses, as well as very long focal lengths without the extreme physical extension of symmetric LF lenses.

note: Hasselblad lens not included.
The WRS-HVSA acceps all lenses that fit to the Hasselblad 500 series.
total height
165 mm incl. tripod mount
145 mm incl. handgrip
80 mm   excl. lens / digi back
1045 gram excl. lens / digi back

Cable release

Note: there is no electronical connection between digital back and lens on this adapter.
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