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WRS-1080 - Discontinued

Cambo's WRS-1080 Viewfinder is designed for use with a WideAngle camera, such as the WideDS, Wide RS or Wide Compact.
The WRS-1080 Viewfinder mounts with 2 knobs securely to the WRS' body and accessories, such as the WRS-1090 Compendium and has a built-in spirit level to assist with handheld shooting.
An extension bracket is built-on and helps to bring the viewfinder closer to the eye, stretching over the digital back.
It offers a 120 degrees viewing angle, so that masks can be used to show the correct frame as combination of choosen image size and focal length.

Note: This product is sold out and will not be produced new anymore.
For the WideRS 65 Anniversary Edition only, the step-up adapter WRS-1096 is required.
For the WRS-1000, WRS-1050 or any other non-Cambo camera the WRS-1095 hot shoe mount is required.

The WRS-1080 fits directly to the WRS-1200, 1250, 5000, 5005 and WRC-400 and WRS-1600 cameras.

For Digital use masks are based on the available focal length in combination with both 40x55 and 37x49/36x48mm CCD area.
The masks have a millimeter scale for indicating image displacement in relation to the camera shifts.

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