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The newly introduced X-Shutter will be available soon.

The X-Shutter is an electronic leaf shutter that can replace the traditional #0 copal shutter on several Schneide and Rodenstock lenses. The X-Shutter is only controlled by Phase One's IQ4 infinity platform.

If you have an existing lens panel with a Rodenstock or Schneider lens according to the detailed list underneath, your lens can be remounted with tis new X-Shutter.

Next to that Cambo will start delivery of Cambo WRS lens panels -with or without Tilt/Swing mechanism- featured with the X-Shutter by default.

The list of lenses that can be remounted into an X-shutter is available underneath under the Product details TAB:
Lenses listed for Remount into X-Shutter are:

Rodenstock Digaron:
Schneider Apo-Digitar:
23 HR-S
32 HR-W
35 HR-S
40 HR-W
50 HR-W
60 HR-S
70 HR-W
120-N / Asph.
90 HR-SW
100 HR-S
180 HR-S


  • Aperture: controlled by IQ4 depending on lens
  • Shutter Speed: from 1/1000 s to 60 min.
  • Cable connection to IQ4
  • No power needed

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Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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