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NEW products added
Cambo is pleased to announce the addition of a few more accessories to the line of Cambo products.
The ACTAR-24 is -like most wide-angle lenses- relatively sensitive for environmental light, direct as well as indirect light.
For this, Cambo has developped a compendium lenshood, dedicated to this wide-angle lens.
The hood is flexible and self supporting. It can be pulled out to 80mm extension and folded backwards enough to clear the edges from vignetting, when using movements.
The hood slips over the 100mm diameter of the front of the lens and attaches with one synthetic thumbscrew.
Basically, this lenshood is compatible with any lens with a front diameter of 100mm, which also includes the Rodenstock HR-W 32mm, as used in several combinations with other Cambo products.
The AC-324 flexible lens hood can be found on our website as AC-324
Based on the knowledge used in our other Canon lens adapters, Cambo has now created an adapter to enable the use of Canon lenses on the new Fujifilm GFX 50s camera.
This adapter is mounted directly to the GFX camera bayonet and it controls the aperture of Canon lenses electronically, by similar controls as on the ACB-CA and WRE-CA. Be aware that there is no further protocol to communicate with the GFX camera for setting aperture, auto focus or EXIF date from the lens.
It may be obvious that only Canon lenses that have a larger image circle, such as the T/S lenses, will have enough coverage for this sensor.

This combination makes it possible to use the new Fujifilm GFX camera with a 17mm (and 24mm) focal length that covers the full format of the Fuji's 33x44mm sensor !!
Depending on the composition you may still be able to use the T/S movements on the lens itselves, unobstructed.
The latest addition to the SLW-adapter range is the SLW-84, which is dedicated to the newly introduced SINAR S30|45 digital back.The link to the product on our website is SLW-84

Cambo's SLW-adapters allow the use of various digital backs on the Cambo platform of the WRS-series, the ACTUS-DB and -XL, as well as the CSL-sliding back series.
The SLW-84 interface is mounted with 3 screws to the Sinar back, which is supplied with an open interface for various adapters.
Due to the lay-out of the Sinar back it is by default mounted in landscape orientation, although the SLW-84 can be mounted to the Cambo system in any orientation.
The use of the Cambo WRS-1600 makes it possible in the easiest way to rotate between landscape and portrait position without releasing the back mount.
We have added an upgrade package ACB-980 to convert an existing ACTUS-B into an ACTUS-GFX version.
The kit consists of a new rear standard, the bayonet holder with GFX bayonet and a front raiser block to match the new height.  Details can be found on our website under ACB-980

This standard can optionally be used with bayonetholders for DSLR and mirrorless camerabodies, through the bayonet holder AC-78E, which makes this backwards compatible.
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