Newsletter April 2011 
Newsletter April 2011

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Cambo 65th Anniversary in 2011

Cambo BV has been founded in The Netherlands in 
1946 and has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera.

Based in the town of Kampen in the East of The Netherlands, Cambo has since built a reputation for 
high quality, precision-engineered cameras, stands 
and other studio equipment.
  Cambo 65th Anniversary in 2011

Today, Cambo is based in a modern 2,000 sq m facility equipped with the latest computer controlled design and machine tools, ensuring production to the highest standards. Emphasis on design innovation ensures that the Cambo range of High-End Cameras and photographic accessories continues to provide for differing needs across the marketplace, from the entry level to the sophistication of the "Ultima System" and the 
ultra-precision of the "Wide RS System" which caters for the precise needs of the digital photographer, in studio and on location.
Wide RS Anniversary Edition

To celebrate Cambo’s 65th year in manufacturing professional camera systems, Cambo have announced a limited edition of the Wide RS System.
The ‘Cambo Wide RS Anniversary Edition’ will be limited to 65 certified sets presented in a high quality recessed customised case.

Each set will include a Wide RS camera body in either black or titanium finish equipped with hand crafted ergonomic wooden handgrips. 

A new vertical gear system has been designed on the rear of the camera to compensate for additional weight when using a digital camera back.
  Wide RS              Anniversary Edition

Two new lenses are included to complement the camera; the Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL and the Apo-Digitar 43XL. The Apo-Digitar 43XL is supplied mounted in a tilt/swing lens panel and both are finished to match the Wide RS colour.
To complete the set a groundglass/fresnel lens and digital back interface will be supplied together with the new Cambo RS Loupe kit. The RS Loupe kit is a 3x Schneider optic loupe mounted on a repositionable plate on the rear of the RS to ensure accurate focussing.
The owner will be able to choose an available edition number between 1 and 65 and a certificate of the original production and authenticity will accompany the Anniversary edition.
Key features:

-  High grade aluminium body in black or titanium finish
-  Wooden handgrips with interchangeable cable release
-  Schneider Super-Digitar 28XL anniversary edition finish
-  Schneider Apo-Digitar 43XL anniversary edition finish
-  Stainless steel drive knobs for shifts and 43XL tilt/swing
-  Weight compensation mechanism for vertical movement
-  Interface for digital back
-  Ground glass frame with CCD framing and Fresnellens
-  RS Loupe kit including Schneider 3x optical loupe
-  Lightweight aluminium carrying case 49x40x15 cm
-  Limited edition with unique owner recognition/engraving
-  Fully compatible with Cambo’s WRS system


Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo Wide RS System