Newsletter February 2011 
Newsletter February 2011

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Focus on Imaging

Cambo will be represented on the Focus on Imaging in the UK.

Cambo staff will show a broad range of Cambo products, including the new RPS motorised Reproduction Stand and Cambo Reproduction Cameras in conjunction with Leaf's  APTUS 12
the 80mp highest resolution CCD-back. The ideal replacement for slow and cumbersome multi-shot and scanning backs.
Of course the WIDE RS series with Schneider and Rodenstock's latest lenses will be shown, as well as the Ultima and the X2-Pro system.

A selection of Cambo's HDSLR rigs and Studio Stands will also be available on the show.

Focus on Imaging 2011 will be held from March 6 to 9 in the NEC in Birmingham, UK.

Cambo can be found on booth nr. Q11 in Hall 10.
  Focus on Imaging
Focus on Imaging
Phase One IQ backs

Phase One has just introduced a new generation of digital backs with either 40, 60 or 80 megapixel, named the IQ Series.
Advantages as USB3 connection next to the FW, make it perfect suitable for the Cambo Ultima in studio environments, while the large touchscreen with high resolution LCD with quick zoom options make it ideal for operating on a Cambo WideRS on location, untethered or tethered !!

These new backs will have all interface possibilities like with the P Series, so it will be a perfect combination with the Cambo range of products.

This is how a new IQ180 back can fit your WideRS. 
  Phase One IQ backs
Cambo X2-Pro with PhaseOne/Mamiya 645

The Cambo X2-Pro is recognised for its capability to use DSLR cameras in combination with digital lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock as well as with existing MF lenses from Hasselblad and Mamiya.  
Additional to the current mounting blocks for Canon and Nikon cameras, Cambo has designed a dedicated mount for the PhaseOne / Mamiya 645 DF camera in combination with its specific digital backs.

Tilts, swings, vertical and horizontal shifts, all are possible with every lens that mounts to this combination, ranging from 80mm and up and with RZ/RB optics through the adapting lens boards.

This combination offers more movements than any other T/S-lens, has a longer focussing track than a single lens, and is -if needed- also available with a 150mm longer monorail with macro-functionality.

Check your possibilities through our 
Product configurator for the X2-Pro 
  Cambo X2-Pro with PhaseOne/Mamiya 645

While the Cambo CS-STYX is the ideal shoulder support for a DV camera, Cambo has created another entry-level shoulder support for HDSLR cameras: the CS-ZODIAC.

The CS-Zodiac features a fixed offset bracket 
with the optimised distance to line-up the HDSLR Display/Viewer for the user's viewing position.

Just like Cambo's other CS Rig systems, the 
CS-Zodiac can be extended with a Follow-Focus Unit, MattBox and Cambo's monitor viewing system CS-30 and optional accessories for external monitor mounting, microphone support and battery holder.
The CS-Zodiac offset rig is already featured with a 0.8 kg counterweight in the kit, has an integrated tripod mount and the ergonomic shoulder pad.  
The CS-Zodiac is also available as CS-BS-Zodiac Bundle Kit including FollowFocus and Mattebox.

See here the specifications of  the CS-Zodiac.

Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the HDSLR Support