Newsletter September 2010 
Newsletter September 2010

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Photokina Month
Time flies ....  September 2010 is the month that PhotoKina 2010 will be held in Cologne in Germany.

Of course, Cambo will be present at this exhibition and Cambo's booth can be visited in Hall 9, booth C31-33 where a broad selection of existing as well new products can be seen and tested.
Introducing new Lenspanels
Schneider as well as Rodenstock are offering new up-to-date lenses for the high-end digital photography with the highest resolution.

Cambo is proud to present many of these lenses mounted on WideRS lenspanels for the use in combination with the leading CCD backs on the Wide RS system, known for its high precision and ease of use, a respected tool among the architectural and landscape photographers as well as the professional all-round shooters.
The new lenses include Schneider's 28XL Super-Digitar with its impressive 90mm image circle, still having a compact design and yet offering enough movement for even the largest CCD image sizes on the current market.

Also the latest 43XL Digitar will be shown on a Tilt/Swing panel.

Another new addition is Rodenstock's 32HR Digaron-W, also offering a 90mm image circle, and due to its design it can be offered optionally in a Tilt/Swing configuration.
  Introducing new Lenspanels
Rodenstock 32HR Digaron-W
Mounted on the Wide RS Camera, the Rodenstock 32HR can be ordered as WDS-549 on a WRS/WDS lenspanel, or alternatively also be ordered on a dedicated Tilt/Swing lenspanel as WTS-832.


New HDSLR Support Rigs

On our Photokina stand we will also display
our full range of Cambo's HDSLR Support Rigs for shooting video.

Cambo has recently introduced this innovative,
sophisticated and ergonomically well designed
system and the complete range of rigs will be
available for hands-on.

The system includes a choice of Matt boxes,
Follow Focus units, Viewing Loupes, all together
build  around a versatile and modular design
for ease of use and optimised comfort. 

We look forward to show you our new products!
  New HDSLR Support Rigs

Go to Cambo Website to check out the details HDSLR Support