Dealer Product Information 
Dealer Product Information
New View Camera introducing shortly

Dear Cambo Distributor,

As announced, Cambo is on the edge of introducing new View Camera technology for the newer mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony Alpha 7 series.

In a few weeks time we will send you full information about the new product, but in the meantime we like to share with you some preliminairy images of the new View Camera system.

This product is aiming at several markets.

Of course there is the professional who wants to utilise perspective control and selective sharpness for professional shots, not necessarily wanting to invest in a digital back system for medium format.
But also the advanced photographer who likes to expand his creativity with added view camera settings.

Then there is a large group of enthousiastic, new users of the Sony Alpha 7/7R system, looking for added possibilities beyond the currently available options for that system.

The use of bayonet mounted Medium Format lenses adds extra functionality. This means that all view camera movements can be applied using the whole range of Hasselblad 500-series lenses or Mamiya RZ/RB lenses, both offering a generous image circle.
  New View Camera introducing shortly
New View Camera introducing shortly

This new View Camera has (on-axis) tilts and swings on the front standard and rise & fall as well as side shifts on the rear standard.  

Mounts will be availble for a number of mirrorless and DSLR cameras, such as Sony E-mount, but also Canon EOS and Nikon F-mount camerabodies.
These camerabodies mount with their bayonets to the rear standard and can easily be flipped (rotating mount) from landscape to portrait position while mounted.

Choices of lenses will include Medium Format lenses (Hasselblad and Mamiya), digital lenses from Schneider or Rodenstock, enlarging lenses with m39 mount, and -just for the mirrorless cameras- lensplates with bayonet for LeicaR lenses.  
Others will follow.

Of course the bellows are interchangeable and will be available in various shapes and lengths.

Please note that this information is confidential and only forwarded to you as preliminairy information.

The official introduction will follow after some time, so please do not publish at this moment.

Cambo invites you to send your initial feedback to sales@cambo.com

Thank you for your support

Your Cambo Sales Team