Dealer Product Information 
Dealer Product Information
Dear Cambo Reseller,
Cambo is in the process of adapting the mirrorless camera technology as capture medium with Cambo products.

Firstly Cambo will have 2 new bellows available for both the Ultima 35 and the X2-Pro, featuring a bayonet with Sony E-mount.
These bellows can be attched to the Sony Alpha 7/7R series as well as the Sony NEX camera bodies.

For the Ultima35 the bellows is the ULBE-35 with part.nr. 99030314
For the X2-Pro  the bellows is the XBE-35 with part.nr. 99030408.
Prices of this Sony version are the same as the existing Canon and Nikon bellows.
The new products will also appear in the upcoming 2014 Price List, which will be distributed within the next 2 weeks.
You will receive that pricelist separately from this announcement. 

The Sony E-Mount bellows are available from Cambo now.
The Photography Show Birmingham
These products will be shown on the Photography Show from March 1 to 4, 2014, held in Birmingham,
in a working situation with the Sony Alpha 7R cameras.

The following Press Releases will be issued by Cambo UK:



Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo ULTIMA System or CS System for HDSLR