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Panoramic Level Head Set Complete
Cambo has developped a new Camera Head, which is optimised for the use as Panorama Head. The system is build out of components that can also be acquired separately.
The Basepart CLH-533 is a Head with a Levelling mechanism that allows for fine-tuning the exact horizontal level within a range of 5 degrees, using three knobs. This Base fits to any tripod head with 3/8” or 1/4” mount, has a quick release for a camera plate and a 360* panning function.
The panoramic rotation has a preselector switch to set a number of fixed intervals with indents during panning.
A choice between just 2 (180*), or 6 (60*) or 8 (45*) intervals is conveniently set with one simple twist of a knob.

The camera plate can slide backwards and forwards in its mount for the purpose of finding the desired nodal point position of the lens in use. A precise scale will assure easy repeatability of your settings.

For shooting in portrait mode of the camera, Cambo delivers a separate L-Bracket CLH-520, which fits in the same quick release mount and features sliding movements left / right, up / down and accepts the sliding camera plate in order to find the exact nodal point position for each setup. Of course, millimeter scales will assist in repeating the needed positions time after time.

The CLH-500 Panorama Head System can be fully taken apart thanks to the quick release mounts for easy transportation in a convenient small case and is easy to setup thanks to the scales.

*camera not included

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