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Info about WRS/WDS

Additional information about the use of the WideDS-WRS/Hasselblad Combination
When using a Hasseblad digital back on the Cambo WideDS or WideRS, we advise the use of additional software tools that the Phocus software has available, for optimising the image quality, see this sample

You can find Hasselblad's Scene calibration Tool in the Phocus software. On the following link you can download the How to Use Scene Calibration tool.

For creating the Scene Calibration Tool,  Cambo offers a special Opaque Perspex Plate, with a size small enough to carry with you to location, but large enough to guarantee a uniform opaque area to create the Custom White, to place in front of the lens while holding it with a handgrip.

In the contrary of the CF backs, the H3D and H4D backs can only be powered through the Firewire connection. There is a conveniant external battery solution available, which is lightweight, small sized and powers the HD backs via their Firewire Ports.  
Note this is a Third Party Product  that Cambo only refers to, but this is not sold nor tested by Cambo.