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Sliding/Stitching Back for SINAR 4x5 cameras
The SMSLB-45 is a sliding ground glass back dedicated to the Sinar 4x5, and also allows for STITCHING with digital backs based on multiple CCD sizes. It needs to be ordered with a choice of medium format interface plate (SLW-series) for either Hasselblad, Mamiya, Contax or Leaf Afi/SinarHY6 mount (for each different models available) and an optional dedicated format mask for the CCD size.   
The ground glass is printed with several CCD sizes in portrait and landscape position. The ground glass also features a fresnellens.
An interchangeable insert defines the travel distance between the stitching points and is dedicated to a certain CCD-size. These inserts are listed as SLI-70 upto SLI-73 and should be ordered additionally.
An optional Reflex Viewer SLV-945 or Direct Viewer SLV-616 and SLV-630 are also available.

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