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IDX VL-2 plus

2-Channels Charger
2-Channel Sequential Multi-Format V-Mount Quick Charger/Power Supply

New lightweight high impact molded case. The updated VL-2Plus is the perfect travel companion. Weighing only 2 lbs. this combination unit is a 2-channel sequential charger with a built-in 60W power supply. Charges 2 ENDURA E-50 series batteries in fewer than 5 hours. One 10' XLR cable included. 

Quick charge current: 2.3A/16.8V 
Charge time: less than 5 hours / 2 E-50 series batteries 
Input voltage: auto AC100~240V 50/60Hz 
DC output: 60W/13.8V 
Dimensions: 5.94"(W) x 3.1" (H) x 8.34" (D)
                    151mm (W) x 79mm (H) x 212mm (D)
Weight: approx. 2 lbs. (950g)

Charging of NP style Li-Ion, NiCD, and NiMH is available using the A-E2NP adaptor.