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ACTUS-G View Camera

The Cambo Actus-G is a refined version of the Actus-B. Its distinctions over the latter are fine gearing on the horizontal shift and a detachable bayonet holder. The redesigned rear standard is suitable for use with larger sensor Mirrorless Cameras like the Fujifilm GFX 50/100 and Hasselblad X1D/X2D.The Nikon Mirrorless Z and Leica SL system also require this detachable bayonet holder. Virtually every other camera system is supported by the AC-78e interchangeable bayonet holder. There’s even a frame for Digital Backs.

Adding view camera capabilities like rise/fall, shift, tilt and swing to the camera body will increase your creative abilities. Control over the plane of focus enhances efficiency and quality of photo studio work. Thanks to the Actus’ small form factor and light weight it is also the ideal companion for landscape and architecture photographers.

Cambo ACTUS shown with optional lenses and optional camera body.

The basic configuration of a Cambo ACTUS-G consists of a monorail, front assembly without lensplate, a rear frame which can accept a camera bayonet holder and a detachable standard bellows which is part of the ACTUS configuration.

Expand the usability of your camera system
• View camera movement for selective sharpness
• Rear Shift movement to stitch wider angle images
• Focal plane shifts to increase file size
• Rotation Landscape/portrait built-in
• Built-in macro extension
• Use of various lens designs
• Interchangeable bellows options

Enhance your creativity with the Cambo ACTUS
• Use tilts and swings to place exact sharpness where needed
• Create selective optical unsharpness
• Use more of the image circle of your lenses
• Stitch your images without changing the lens position
• Focus closer and enlarge your subject without extension rings
• Experiment with other system lenses and medium format lenses
• Ideal for use on location, minimal size and weight

Experience the possibilities of the Cambo ACTUS-G
• Small size for easy portability - see image above
• Front standard offers geared tilt / swing both on-axis
• Lensplates are quickly interchangeable
• Quick slide focus adjustment rail
• Fine focus adjustment with precision gearing
• Shift movements vertical/horizontal in the focal plane
• Horizontal movements using precision gearing
• Zero clicks on all movements
• Image centred rotation from landscape to portrait
• Arca compatible monorail, direct fit to Arca compatible heads such Cambo CBH-6 and PCH
• Interchangeable bayonets for Sony E-Mount, Nikon-F, Canon-EOS, Fuji X-series, Fuji GFX series, Micro 4/3, Olympus OMD, Canon-M, Leica-M and Hasselblad X1D or interface mount for PhaseOne, Hasselblad, Sinar and Mamiya Leaf digital backs.
Cambo ACTUS-G Specifications
Size L / W / H:
152 x 115 x 171 mm
1150 grams
Front Swing:
360 degrees
Front Tilt:
19 degrees (+10/-9)
Rear Shift Vertical:
27mm (12/15)
Rear Shift Horizontal:
40mm (20/20)
Focus Travel:
up to 134mm (-GFX-sensor)

Lens plates options:
Cambo ACTAR lens series

Copal 0 and 1 (#3 on request)

Hasselblad C Bayonet

M39 Leica thread

Mamiya 645 ProTL bayonet

Mamiya RZ/RB bayonet

Pentax 645 bayonet (for mirror less bodies only)

Available Colours:
Black anodised

Download our Leaflet about the ACTUS Download
Download our Chinese ACTUS-DC leaflet Download
Download the Actus-G manual Download

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Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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