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Ultima 45 Camera

The Ultima 45 is Cambo's sophisticated 4x5" view camera, designed for high precision with digital applications, with fine geared movements on all movements, including lateral shift, rise and fall, swings, tilts and fine focussing. It features a normal bellows, 42 cm long monorail, a rotating ground glass back with graflock mount and spring loaded ground glass.

* Specifically designed for digital and traditional use
* Precision geared for "fluid smooth"focus and movements
* Robust yet compact design
* Unique film or chip plane "depth adjustment"
* "Virtual pivot "design for fully yaw-free variable axis tilts        
* Converts easily and economically to 120 film formats
* Use lenses down to 47mm without requiring recessed lensboard
* Symmetrical design on front and rear for ease of use
* Full accessory range including sliding backs

After closely examining the view cameras in today's market, Cambo discovered that there wasn't a single camera designed specifically for the highly sensitive requirements of focusing on the small "chip"plane used in most digital backs. Digital imaging requires the extremely tight tolerances of ultra-fine camera movements. In order to fill this increasingly critical void, we created the Ultima.

Equally at home shooting with film, the distinctively designed Ultima features a unique film or chip plane depth adjustment. This adjustment facility allows the rotational axis of the rear standard to be precisely aligned with the chip plane, preventing the image from moving out of focus when swing or tilt movements are applied. The same adjustment is available on the lens standard allowing precise rotational alignment with the lens nodal point. This unique feature makes the Ultima compatible with all digital chip and scanning backs including Imacon/Hasselblad, Phase One, Better Light, Leaf and Sinar/Eyelike.

The relatively small size of digital chip backs - and the shorter lenses used, dictate the need for much finer focus and movement control. The Ultima has been designed with fluid-smooth, geared movements, progressive breaks and positive position locks that give precise, accurate fingertip control.
The Cambo Ultima 45 is available in two versions

Film Version  - comprising: standard bellows, split monorail, adjustable tripod mounting block, ground glass back.
Digital Version - comprising: wide angle bellows, short monorail, tripod mounting block.
Both versions feature: dual range focusing. depth of field scale, individual locks on coarse and fine focus movements & rise and fall movements, zero position detents with definite end stops and high-quality aluminium body with durable metallic finish.
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