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The CSLB-23 is dedicated to the Ultima 23.

It needs to be ordered with a choice of medium format interface plate for either Hasselblad, PhaseOne, Mamiya-Leaf, Sinar or Contax.
All these items are listed between SLW-80 and SLW-89.

The ground glass is printed with marks for several CCD formats and features a fresnellens.
An optional Reflex Viewer SLV-945 or Direct Viewer SLV-616 and SLV-630 are also available.

To be completed with:

SLW-80 for Hass-V compatible backs
SLW-81 for Leaf Afi/Sinar HY6 compatible backs
SLW-83 for PhaseOne compatible backs
SLW-87 for Contax 645 compatible backs
SLW-89 for Hass-H compatible backs
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