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WDC-H1 - Discontinued

Wide Compact Body with Hasselblad-H interface for use with H1 compatible digital backs.

This WDC-H1 comes complete with interface (non-rotating) and with handgrip, cable release, spirit levels, tripod mounting, hooks for a handstrip and accessory shoe. The tripod mount has a 3/8" thread as well as Cambo's quick release profile.
The Wide Compact body accepts the full range of Cambo WDS-Digital lenspanels as for use with the Wide DS, from 23 upto 120 mm focal length.
An accessory shoe allows for the use of Cambo's WDS-580 viewfinder or any other applicable viewfinder solution.

Compatible lenspanels:
WDS-545  Apo-Digitar 24XL
WDS-546  Apo-Sironar 28HR
WDS-551  Apo-Digitar 35XL
WDS-556  Apo-Digitar 47XL
WDS-558  Apo-Sironar 55
WDS-566  Apo-Digitar 72L
WDS-570  Apo-Digtar 90N
Width 165 mm
Height 150 mm
Depth 82 mm (without lenspanel)
Weight 700 gram (without lenspanel)

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