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ARTES MPT Video Boom

The Artes MPT Video Boom is including Mechanical Pan and Tilt Unit, Screen holder and Extra Weight System.

The Artes MPT Video Boom System provides a steady camera platform for the starting videographer. The system is delivered as a kit, partly mounted.After the first set-up, supported by a very clear instruction, there is only one key necessary for quick mounting and de-mounting.
The boom system is modular extended and this way usable in at least three different set-ups.
The central unit has four locking knobs for applying friction to the vertical boom movement and to make disassembling easier. The central rotation platform has a low friction bearing system with a rotation brake. It fits to all 75 and 100mm video tripod cups.
This version of the Artes includes our MPT-9, mechanical pan and tilt unit which is cable controlled.

The Artes weight system is based on a set of of standard fitness weights (not included) with a sliding (included) small fine-tuning weight. The system is expandable and mountable as side weights.

Note: Counterweights NOT included.
         Artes takes normal Fitness Counterweights

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