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Ultima 35 Base

This combination (the Ultima 35 and the Canon EOS 5D, EOS-1Ds;  Nikon D4, D3 or Nikon D800) gives the photographer the flexibility to shoot with all of the attendant movements of a view camera as well as the ability to take the 35mm DSLR on location and use it's "regular" lenses.
The Ultima 35 places the sensor exactly in the optical axis vertically, horizontally and front-to-back. Any rear movement, whether swing, tilt or shift keeps the focal plane on axis and in focus.
The camera as a standard kit will allow the DSLR to be mounted in a horizontal position. Add an L-bracket to mount the DSLR in a vertical position.  
A special application is possible for the PhaseOne/Mamiya AFd, featuring a larger CCD than the usual DSLR. Digitar lenses of 90mm and above are recommended for this camera set-up because of the larger Mamiya Body.

Schneider once made an excellent series of lenses designed for digital photography, the APO-Digitar lenses. These lenses are not available new anymore. These lenses have the ability to resolve down to a 5-micron pixel. Some of these lenses are retro-focus and all give a broad range of movements. The lenses we recommend are the 72mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, Macro 80mm, Macro 120mm and macro 180mm (there are also 35mm,  43mm, 47mm and 60mm available, but they cannot be focused on the recessed sensor). All of these lenses allow up to 20mm of shift and 15mm of rise. That may not sound like much, but remember that is over a half of a frame of movement in any direction.
These focal lengths are direct 35mm equivalents.
Cambo has also created adapters to allow Hasselblad, Mamiya RB/RZ and Mamiya 645Pro lenses to be used on the Ultima 35. Unfortunately, electronically controlled lenses cannot be used. Shutters in the lenses are not necessary. The only reason for the lens is for the optics and aperture setting.
Monorail length:  30cm (12")

Tilts: 20/-20 degrees front and rear

Swings: 30/-30 degrees front and rear

Rise & Fall: 40mm front and rear

Lateral shift: 50mm front and rear

Weight: 5 kg (11 Lbs.)

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