Newsletter July 2012 
Newsletter July 2012

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New Cambo Accessories

Cambo is pleased to introduce new accessories, suitable to use the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 with several Cambo products.

A new interface block for the X2-Pro, possibilities for the Ultima 35, a new Loupe for the 3.2" screen and last but not least a completely revised Follow Focus unit for all Cambo HDSLR Rigs.
WRS-1090 Compendium - New with Filter Slot

Cambo's WRS-1090 is designed to work with almost all possible lens combinations on the WRS-series.
A self-supporting flexible lens hood allows for short and longer extensions, two bars holding the bellows allow it to slide forward and backward and a central bearing features a rotation between landscape and portrait position while staying mounted to the camera, in order to follow the orientation of the digital back.

The Compendium can be removed effortless with one knob attachment for full access to shutter setting and (flat) storage purposes.

The Compendium attaches with two thumbscrews to the top of the Wide RS system, either direct or -for other cameras- with an adapter to a hot shoe mount. 
The topside of the Compendium allows for mounting a WRS-1060 iPhone Holder, a WRS-1075 Hot Shoe or a WRS-1080 Viewfinder which connects with two thumbscrews.
  WRS-1090 Compendium - New with Filter Slot

This WRS-1090 is now available with a Filter Slot, accepting 4x4" as well as 100x100mm filters, ranging from 1mm to 4mm thickness . This allows the user to easily insert a graduation filter during live focussing or insert an opaque filter for creating a LCC correction with active shading, as an example of use.

For further specifications follow this link.
X2-Pro with Nikon D4/D800

Cambo offers two dedicated adapters to use the latest Nikon DSLR cameras on the X2-Pro camera.

To adapt the Nikon D4 camera you can use the interface block X-823, which is technically the same as used for D3/D3X bodies, so upgrading from a D3 to a D4 requires no different mounting block.

To adapt the Nikon D800 series (with attached Battery Grip), a new interface block X-825 has been designed to optimise the fitting and positioning of the D800 to the X2-Pro System.

Use of optics is similar to other DSLR bodies, please check the configurator for the X2-Pro on our website, under this link..

Using Live Video Focussing on a computer monitor in the studio allows for very precise selective sharpness settings, using the swings, tilts and shift possibilities which each lens mounted to the X2-Pro, by far exceeding the limited possibilities of DSLR T/S lenses.
  X2-Pro with Nikon D4/D800

In a similar way, the Nikon D4 can be mounted to the Ultima 35 system, using the ULN3-35 mounting block and UL-733 vertical bracket.

Compared to the X2-Pro system, the Ultima offers full view camera movements on both front and rear standard, while the system can easily be converted to a full scale view camera for use with a Digital Back.
The Ultima System is a very versatile View  Camera platform, supporting 35mm DSLR, MF Digital backs as well as 4x5" analog applications.
New Follow Focus Unit
Cambo is pleased to offer a newly develloped Follow Focus Unit for the comprehensive CS system for HDSLR and DV Support.

This Follow Focus unit (CS-MFC-3) has a unique design with unique features, as it will be mounted to one single bar of the support system.

The mounting to one bar only has several advantages. When changing lenses, just release one knob with a simple twist and hinge the follow focus unit aside and you can change lenses unobstructed. The new lens will have a different diameter, the Follow Focus Unit CS-MFC-3 will easily be hinged in place to the new diameter of the lens with a one hand operation. Also when the gear is not in the same distance, the unit can be shifted foreward or backwards at the same time. A time-saving advantage.
Thanks to the uniquely profiled support bars, the unit locks very secure and positive with the correct amount of touching towards the gearrack of the lens in order to operate the focus movements without any play in the mechanism.
  New Follow Focus Unit

Other features of the CS-MFC-3 include
  • exchangeable gears
  • gears mount on front end or backside end
  • unit can be rotated for reverse rotation of gears
  • double hinge allows for angled position of the knob
  • fits to any diameter of lens without modification
  • one removable gearstrip for lens included
  • accepts Starknob and Flexible Knob extension
Nikon D4 and D800 featured on the CS-System

Nikon's D4 and D800 HDSLR cameras are fully compatible with Cambo's CS System.

Both are shown here on an ERIS-kit fitted with Cambo's new CS-MFC-3 Follow Focus Kit.
  Nikon D4 and D800 featured on the CS-System
CS-31 Loupe for 3.2" Screens

Fitting to the latest cameras like the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mk3 each with a 3.2" LCD Screen, Cambo now has the viewing loupe CS-31 available to view the entire screen unobstructed.

The CS-31 viewing loupe mounts with a bracket under the HDSLR camera and the loupe can easily be clicked on and off the rear frame rising up behind the camera's screen.

For users that already own a loupe from the CS-30 system and upgrade to this new type, the frame only is available as CS-305 from your Cambo reseller.
  CS-31 Loupe for 3.2

Go to Cambo Website to check out all details of the complete Cambo Wide RS System or CS System for HDSLR