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X2-PRO for DSLR - Discontinued

Cambo's X2-PRO camera system is a tool that gives photographers the ability to shoot with their existing SLR cameras using view camera movements.
The innovative X2-PRO camera system allows technical camera front standard movements such as rise, fall, swing, tilt and shift. Ultra-fine adjustments of the lens plane used for perspective and fine focal plane control are driven by two patented CAMBO CROSSGEARING drives that have the feel of liquid-smooth precision.

Take advantage of the Live Video function of the latest DSLR models to create an easy-to-use and precisely controlable view camera system with the X2-Pro.

download a MPG version from the Downloads section/Instruction Manuals.

With a maximum bellows extension of 150mm, the Cambo X2-PRO lets the photographer choose from their existing Schneider, Rodenstock, Hasselblad or Mamiya lenses, where there is no extra expense for additional lenses, OR take advantage of the latest digital lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock.

Simply choose a bellows with the correct bayonet, a dedicated mounting block and select which lensboard is needed, and turn the DSLR into a lightweight and efficient technical view camera, for use in the studio or on location. Tethered or untethered.

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