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X2-PRO body - Discontinued

Camera body X2-PRO for use with DSLR cameras.
Select DSLR mounting block to add, select bellows and select applicable lens panel to suit your lens choice.
Go here for your personal camera configuration          
Body Specifications:
-Weight 1.9 kgs
-Size   263 x 293 x 195 mm (h x w x d)
-All movements geared:
-Lateral  Shift 17.5 mm left, 17.5 mm right
-Vertical Shift 17.5 mm left, 17.5 mm right
-Tilt Angle: 20 degrees up, 20 degrees down
-Swing Angle: 20 degrees left, 20 degrees right

Company & Policy

Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV is registered at the office of the Chamber of Commerce in Zwolle, The Netherlands under registration nr. 05032155.

Delivery terms

Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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