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How it started
Cambo BV was founded in The Netherlands in 1946 and has the distinction of being the first studio camera manufacturer to produce an all-metal large format camera. Based in the town of Kampen in the east of the Netherlands, Cambo has since built a reputation for high quality, precision engineered cameras, stands and other studio equipment.

Today, Cambo is based in a modern 2,000 sq m facility equipped with the latest computer controlled design and machine tools, ensuring production to the highest standards.
Emphasis on design innovation ensures that the Cambo range of High-End View Cameras continues to provide for differing needs across the marketplace, from the entry level, ideal for the budget conscious student or dedicated photo enthusiast, to the sophistication of the "Actus System" and the ultra-precision of the "WideRS System" which caters for the precise needs of the digital professional and advanced photo enthusiast, in studio and on location.
The Cambo range of cameras is complemented by a range of camera support stands and other studio accessories to suit all needs, including dedicated Reproduction cameras and  Reproduction stands.

Since several years Cambo has expanded their product range into the market for Video Supports, including an innovative series of Video Pedestals, Booms and a Track and Dolly System, complemented with an extended HDSLR Support Rig system for the demanding amateur as well as professional video and broadcast companies.

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Historical image: Cambo's factory in the 70's of last century shown here:

Product History
Here are a few milestones in the history of Cambo:

1946:  Cambo BV founded in Hengelo, the Netherlands by mr. R. Bok

1948:  All-Metal Cambo studio TC manufactured under Technica-Hengelo brand name

1950:  Cambo Monorail TC manufactured under Technica-Hengelo brand name

1956:  Introduction of the Cambo AST Single Arm series studio stands with chrome columns

1957:  Addition of the Cambo AST Double Arm series studio stands with chrome columns

1958:  Introduction of the SuperCambo view camera series with square 1" monorail

1960:  Introduction of the USK universal 3-D camera head

1962:  Cambo delivers Ladder Stands in various heights

1963:  Introduction of the STG studio stand

1965:  Cambo moves to Kampen, The Netherlands in a newbuild factory

1966:  Introduction of the CBH-1 panoramic head

1967:  Cambo patents a worldwide patent for the Four-lens Passportrait camera

1967:  Cambo presents the DPS heavy duty tripod

1968:  Introduction of the BST passportrait studio stand

1968:  First design of the original Cambo Wide

1970:  Introduction of the MST studio stand

1972:  Introduction of the TWR-54 Twin Reflex 4x5" camera

1973:  Introduction of the UST series black column

1975:  Introduction of the EST studio stand

1976:  Introduction of the Cambo Wide 470 and Wide 650

1977:  Introduction of the PP-42 Identity System

1979:  Introduction of the SC-5 8x10" portrait camera for Polaroid 8x10 film

1980:  New Management Team founding Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV

1982:  Introduction of the SCX view camera series

1983:  Production of PP-60 identification cameras with Kodak instant film

1984:  Introduction of the four lens passportrait camera for Kodak instant film

1984:  Introduction of the SCS studio stand

1985:  Introduction of the Cambo Maxiportrait for Polaroid 4x5 film

1985:  Introduction of the ECS studio stand

1987:  Introduction of the Legend Series view cameras

1988:  Introduction of the Master Series view cameras

1988:  Introduction of the Master Plus Series view cameras

1990:  Cambo moves to the current location, a modern facility in Kampen

1990:  Cambo introduces the UBS Ballbearing Studio stand

1991:  Cambo starts delivery of UBS-E Studio stands dedicated to the SINAR-E camera

1992:  Cambo introduces the MBS Studio stand

1992:  Cambo shows the first Leaf Digital Back on the Master Camera

1993:  Cambo starts delivery of the Monostand

1994:  Cambo presents the Cambo Megavision 3-shot digital camera back

1994:  Introduction of the SF view camera series

1996:  Cambo presents a Fully Motorised Electronic View Camera for digital photography

1998:  Introduction of the Ultima view camera series

1999:  Cambo starts production of the metric version RedWing Light Boom

2000:  Introduction of the Cambo Wide DS series

2002:  Introduction of the Cambo Video Boom series V40, V-15, V-5

2003:  Introduction of the Cambo Ultima 35 for use with DSLR cameras

2004:  Introduction of the Digital version Wide DS

2005:  Introduction of the UniTrack for Videography

2006:  Introduction of the X2-Pro view camera for DSLR cameras

2007:  Cambo presents the new VPD-4 Four Wheel Dolly System on IBC

2008:  Introduction of the WideRS camera series

2009:  Completion of dedicated Tilt-Swing Lens panels for the WideRS camera series

2010:  Cambo starts delivery of HDSLR and DV Shoulder Rigs

2011:  Cambo celebrates 65th Anniversary with WideRS Special Edition

2011:  Introduction of the RPS series of Repro Columns with motorised control

2012:  Cambo introduces new Follow Focus CS-MFC-2 for the HDSLR rigs

2012:  Cambo presents updated Wide RS Family with WRS and WRCompact

2013:  Introduction of the new designed EPT Electronically Video Pan-Tilt Head

2014:  Introduction of the new Cambo ACTUS Mini View Camera

2015:  Addition of the Cambo ACTUS-DB version for the use with Digital Backs

2015:  Introduction of the ACTAR 24 wide angle lens for the ACTUS system

2016:  Expansion of the Artes Video Boom with the Artes-L version

2016:  Release of the Actus Lens Adapter for Canon EF lenses with motorised aperture

2016:  Celebration of Cambo 70 years Anniversary

2016:  New MBX mid-range Studio Stand introduced at Photokina

2016:  Introduction of the WRS-1600 Tech cam with easy H/V rotation

2016:  Update of the Ultima series into Actus-XL series with Actus accessories

2017:  Addition of the ACTUS-GFX to the Actus series hosting the Fujifilm GFX50s

2017:  Addition of the ACTUS-XCD to the Actus series hosting the Hasselblad X1D

2017:  Introduction of the PCH precision geared tripod head  

2018:  New Anniversary WRS-7250 for 50 years of Cambo Wide Celebration

2018:  Additional Base-Tilt function for the ACTUS introduced

2019:  Optional Fine Ratio drive function for the ACTUS introduced

2019:  Dedicated ACTUS-100 functionality for the Fujifilm GFX-100

2019:  Most WRS Lens Panels become available with Aperture Only [No shutter]

2020:  Introduction of the X-Shutter Electronic shutter to replace Copal shutters

2021:  Cambo celebrates 75 years Anniversay with ACTAR-15 and ACTAR-19 kits

Some nostalgic view cameras from the 50's and 60's featured underneath:

Company & Policy

Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV is registered at the office of the Chamber of Commerce in Zwolle, The Netherlands under registration nr. 05032155.

Delivery terms

Unless otherwise agreed, Cambo delivers at incoterms EXW. On all sales the METAALUNIE conditions will apply, unless otherwise agreed.
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